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Vote For Danny Danzi - Staind CD Contest!


This is for the Guitar Solo Showdown contest. The winning guitar solo ,decided by the band Staind will get a PRS guitar, a $1000 gift card and the solo will appear on the actual new Staind CD.

I checked Danny's solo lead out and it is awesome! Great job DannyD and I put my vote in already! BTW you DON'T need an indabamusic account to vote. You just click on the Vote button on the right of his song and put your email address in there and it will send you an email to verify your email account. Click on the link and your vote is cast for Danny D!

Here is the link directly to Danny's entry:

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Everyone get your vote in and tell your friends to vote too! DannyD for the win! You rock DannyD, loved it and I hope you are the contest winner! :goodjob2:

Mare :)

Done and awesome job Danny. You rip man.  Good luck with the contest bro.

Did already wish I could vote again because I


The contest when I have something I can apply 24 hours too.


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